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The Rainbow Mermaid

DIY Majestic Unicorn Bracelet Kit

DIY Majestic Unicorn Bracelet Kit

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Kit Size

This unfinished kit makes 1 OR 2 bracelets depending on what you choose!

Packaged neatly in plastic zip bag.

If you choose personalized please list personalization in box. 

*bracelet in photos is just an example of what can be made

Kit includes:

- A handful of our beautiful high quality acrylic beads.

- High quality pre-stretched bracelet elastic.  

- Charms

- Alphabet beads in name specified 

- Heart beads

To get started, take your pre-stretched cord (no need to stretch again!) and use a binder clip, tiny clothespin or a piece of tape on a table to keep your beads from falling off. I like to use a binder clip.

String on your beads. Finish with a couple of knots, and dot a bit of clear nail polish on your knot to keep secure. 

Have fun! 

Handle our jewelry with care. Keep away from water, lotions and cosmetics. 

Our jewelry contains small parts and is designed for kiddos 3 and up. Never leave children unattended while wearing jewelry.


Our bracelets are meant to fit snug but not tight.

*Please note that everyone is different so these recommendations may not work for all.

5.5" Toddler: fits up to about 4.5 or 5 years old

6" Child: fits up to about 8 years old

6.5" Big Kid: 8 years old and up

If you are unsure of what size to get, wrap a soft measuring tape around the wrist and add 1/2" to the measurement.  Ex: if the wrist measures 5.5", order the 6" size bracelet.

Care Instructions

When putting our bracelets on, we recommend rolling the bracelet over the hand, instead of pulling on it and stretching it.

Handle our jewelry with care. Keep away from water, lotions and cosmetics.


It is our goal to ship orders within 3 business days.  Please allow extra time during sales or the holidays. 

Please make sure your shipping information is entered correctly.  We are not responsible for packages that have been shipped to an incorrect address.

Please note that packages that are marked "delivered" but are not in your possession are not our responsibility to track down.  Please contact the post office to assist you in tracking down the delivery location of the package.

If a package is lost by the USPS we will replace your package after 15 days of non-movement. (sometimes packages get stuck at distribution centers and will start moving after a few days.)

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