DIY Cactus Crayons

DIY Cactus Crayons

While cleaning out closets, I came across our huge bucket of dull and broken crayons.  I can't stand it when they aren't sharp, so I buy new ones, but then feel bad about being wasteful so into the bucket they go.  We saw these cute silicone molds at Michaels and a lightbulb went off, we can make new crayons out of all the old broken ones!  

What you need:

Silicone Mold  (We got ours from Michaels, they are the "Celebrate It" brand)

How to:

1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees

2. Remove the paper from your crayons

3. Break crayons into tiny pieces

4. Fill mold to the top with crayon pieces

5. Place mold on a cookie sheet and bake for approx 10 mins. (check as they are baking, you don't want to overdo it).

6. Take out, and let sit at least 30 minutes or until crayons are completely hardened.  

7.  Pop your new crayons out of the molds, be careful so you don't break them!

These make great party favors, Valentine's or gifts for friends!

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