DIY Rainbow Spoons

DIY Rainbow Spoons

With National Ice Cream Day coming up on SUNDAE, July 21 we thought it would be fun to paint some wooden spoons to brighten up our sundaes!  This easy craft is fun to do with kids and just takes a few minutes.

Supplies Needed:
Wooden spoons (you can grab these on Amazon or any craft store)
Acrylic paint (I used the Hand Made Modern brand from Target)
Paint Brush
Washi Tape

1. Gather your wooden spoons

2. Squeeze some paint out on a paper plate

3. Start painting, I used the washi tape to make the straight line where my paint stopped.  If you're doing more than one color on the same spoon, you'll want to wait until the paint is dry, tape off again and then paint your next color.

4. Wait for the paint to dry (unless you've painted 50 coats, the paint dries pretty quick!)

5. Enjoy your ice cream using your fun new rainbow spoons!

P.S. these spoons are for one time use only!

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