Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Bags

Minnie Mouse Trick or Treat Bags

I've been seeing these canvas trick or treat bag DIY's all over the web lately and thought it would be fun to make our own.  Since we are totally Disney obsessed over here we HAD to make a Minnie bag, which is perfect for Oogie Boogie Bash or Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! 

Supplies Needed:

Blank canvas tote bags (we got ours at Michael's for $4.75 each and they are great quality!)

Felt, we got a mix of regular felt sheets and the glittery stuff with the sticky back

Ribbon and yarn in various colors

Fabric glue

Scissors, chalk and a paintbrush

I stated out by making my Minnie template.  I took a scrap of paper and traced around an upside down cereal bowl for the large part of the head and traced around an upside down juice glass for the ears. 

Once your template is cut out, lay it onto your piece of black felt.  Grab your chalk and trace around your template and cut out.

Pour some fabric glue onto a paper plate and paint it onto the back of your Minnie head.  Position onto your bag and then start decorating!  We used the sticky back gliter felt to make our witch hat and stars.  Just peel and stick!

Allow bag to dry 24 hours then adorn with some Halloween ribbons and yarn! 

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